Ain El Sokhna is soon to become – or is already - the new suburb of New Cairo, especially that it’s just 30-minutes away from the New Capital that is considered the new administrative and financial capital of Egypt. We can’t categorize Ain El Sokhna no more as a “seasonal place”, because it’s actually an everyday place. It’s the perfect getaway for a one-day trip or a long week trip at any time of the year and it can be described as your second home now. Whether you’re thinking of owning a place to go to at any time of the year and enjoy its beauty, or if you’re actually thinking of getting away from the chaotic city and living in a peaceful place that has all the services and is still near to the city: the answer is always “Sokhna”!

Through our website, you’ll be able to know everything you need to know about Ain El Sokhna; starting from its hotels and venues, its various services, its newest projects, its different exciting activities, and even reaching its latest trends.

Our website  is a reliable and transparent source, as it’s the first destination marketer in Egypt: We don’t promote a certain compound or resort, but we rather promote the whole area or destination and provide our visitors with different unique services, such as: comparing between specific units and compounds to help them choose their second home based on their preferences, also visitors of our website will be able to view people’s feedbacks and ratings of every compound with complete transparency to help them take the right decision. simply gathers for you all the information you need to know about Ain El Sokhna in just one place to help you decide and choose what best suits you for a perfect getaway.